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Thermo Scientific Pro-Line Belt Misalignment Switch This belt misalignment switch is used to monitor the position and tracking of conveyor belts. It is mounted on the conveyor structure and adjusted so the roller arm is the proper distance and angle from the outside edge of the belt. When a belt drifts out of alignment it contacts the roller actuator arm which rotates the actuation shaft, causing the belt misalignment switch to send an alarm signal. The actuation shaft has two cams inside the housing. Each cam actuates an independent SPDT micro-switch for alarm signals. The first micro-switch actuates with a 10° rotation of the actuation shaft for a warning alarm signal, allowing operators to address the situation before it becomes a problem. The second micro-switch actuates with a 20° rotation of the actuation shaft for a shut down alarm signal in order to prevent or minimize equipment damage. The roller arm has internal stainless steel bearings. This allows the switch to be used on conveyors with belt speeds up to 1250 feet per minute with outstanding service life.